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A sustainable fashion footprint, conscious consumption and a responsible use of our resources is something which is particularly close to our hearts here at REBELLE. For Earth Day we’ll give you valuable tips on the subject of “green shopping” and show you how we do our bit for climate protection and the environment. Want to know more? Together for more sustainability!
As part of DHL GoGreen environmental protection programme, REBELLE offsets greenhouse gas emissions arising during parcel transport by supporting climate protection projects. This means that our shipping is CO2 neutral, we make a sustainable contribution to climate protection and are committed to offsetting transport emissions. Last year, REBELLE offset almost 50 tonnes of CO2e.
Close the fashion loop!

Together with luxury brand Iris von Arnim, we’re extending the life cycle of designer pieces in order to make a future-proof and sustainable contribution to the circular economy in the fashion industry. When you sell an Iris von Arnim design on, you’ll receive a €100 Iris von Arnim voucher and your IvA piece is given a second life.

This cooperation is currently only running for Germany!

1. By purchasing a second-hand shirt from REBELLE, you reduce CO2 emissions by approx. 11 kg and save 2,700 litres of water
2. By purchasing pre-loved designer pieces, you’re supporting the slow fashion movement and thus also sustainability.
3. With a second-hand purchase you’re making a statement
4. Pre-loved pieces are one-offs, vintage items or rarities – so anything other than run-of-the-mill
1. Invest in high-quality basics and classics
2. Concentrate on quality rather than quantity
3. Buy second-hand and support the slow fashion movement
4. Look after your clothes, shoes and bags properly
5. Wash at low temperatures and take things to be repaired
6. Sell your former favourites on and give them a second chance

And don’t forget: less is more!