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REBELLE – Your online second hand shop for pre-loved designer fashion

REBELLE is your online platform for high-quality luxury goods. You can buy and sell popular branded items. We offer you a wide range of high-quality ladies' fashion, popular vintage items, and items from exclusive collections which all have one thing in common: They are looking for a new home. From Isabel Marant to Prada – if you dislike wading through crowded flea markets or complicated purchasing processes, REBELLE is perfect for you.

More about REBELLE

Your marketplace for second hand bags, shoes and accessories

At REBELLE, you will not only find luxury clothes, but also the latest second hand designer bags, rare vintage bags, and even the it-piece of the season! Have you been searching for a classic Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga or Hermès handbag for some time now? Accessories and shoes make any outfit pop – at REBELLE, you will find a variety of exclusive brands that are just waiting to show up at your doorstep: Acne boots, Louboutin pumps or Jimmy Choo stilettos? Our vision: We want to give treasured items a new home.

Open your wardrobe for REBELLE

That feeling of indecision when you look into your wardrobe – everyone's experienced that at some point in time — especially when you see those designer items that you haven't worn in ages or bad buys that you've never even worn. But perhaps this gem is exactly the one someone else has been yearning for? At REBELLE, you will find a suitable platform for selling your designer items at a reasonable price. We're offering you a way to make space in your wardrobe and to make a tidy sum while you're at it!

REBELLE – The community for lovers of second hand fashion

We are your platform of choice for interacting with fashion-conscious users – find new friends and talk about the latest trends, popular classics, or styling tips. Share your interest in fashion with other like-minded friends, make space in your wardrobe, and look forward to new treasured gems!

We place great importance on quality and authenticity

Our quality assurance pays close attention to the condition and authenticity of all second hand items, ensuring that you have a pleasant shopping experience. No nasty surprises — REBELLE checks each designer item for you and delivers it to your doorstep in premium packaging. This quality check also justifies the sale price the buyer pays. We, the REBELLE team, are united by our love for fashion and design. We are thrilled to be able to share our passion for second hand fashion with you!

We look forward to working with you and hearing the stories behind your treasured designer pieces.

Cécile Wickmann, Max Schönemann
& the REBELLE team